A warm welcome to conferences and celebrations at the Erwin Hymer Museum!

Compelling stories and pioneering spirit in a modern and extraordinary setting: the perfect place to come up with groundbreaking ideas and share with your friends or colleagues. Your event will be an unforgettable experience!

The permanent exhibition spanning over 6,000 m² and the function rooms up to 1,000 m² in a building that is flooded with light provide the backdrop to your events, conferences, meetings, fairs and exhibitions, and parties ...:

We can accommodate 5 to 500 people. (Depending on the design, up to 1,000 people can be accommodated)

Meeting and conference rooms

  • Tagungsraum1

  • Tagungsraum 2

  • Tagungsraum 3

  • Eventhalle

  • Eventhalle

Meeting and conference rooms

Our two meeting rooms measuring 87 m² and 230 m² are ideal for meetings and conferences for between 5 and 120 people. A pleasant and inspiring working environment is created in the rooms, which have modern, high-quality equipment and genuine wooden floors, as well as a direct view of the permanent exhibition.

Big events
The special exhibition hall
The special exhibition hall measuring approx. 1,000 m² is bright and flooded with light, making it perfect for big events, such as conferences, presentations, exhibitions, fairs and gala events. It is equipped with a stage, sound system and conference chairs as standard.

The foyer with event zone for your reception
Use the bright foyer in the entrance area measuring approx. 600 m² to kick off your event. The futuristic atmosphere with an integrated bar and designer furniture is the ideal space for receptions, but also for lunch and dinner. This open and generous space serves as the perfect catering area for your event in the adjoining special exhibition hall.

Location overview

1 Special exhibition hallArea: 1,000 m², ceiling height: 10.6 m,  stage: 15 x 4 m,
suitable for vehicles, up to 500 people

2 Foyer
Area: approx. 600 m², ceiling height: 10.6 m,
bar, dining tables, bar stools, futuristic ambient lighting

3 Small conference room
Area: 87 m², includes projector, WLAN,
presentation technology, comfortable upholstered chairs and large desks. Ideal for meetings

4 Large conference roomArea: 230 m², includes projector, WLAN,
presentation technology, microphone system, lectern, conferences for up to 120 people

5 Permanent exhibition with auditoriumArea: 6,000 m² in total,
auditorium includes audio and video technology, can seat up to 150 people

6 “Caravano” restaurant
Area: 120 m², 80 seats, plus outside terrace, 80 seats

7 Outdoor area
Generous fenced outdoor area with separate car park for event use

We will be happy to provide our own furniture, such as conference chairs and desks, the installed systems, as well as ambient lighting for your events. If required, we can provide you with a quote from the company that supplies our technology and organises our events.

Booking and consultation

Phone: +49 7524 976676-31



Our museum restaurant Caravano takes your events on a culinary journey around the world. Whether you prefer à la carte, a fixed menu or a buffet, we’ll provide you with individual suggestions to perfectly match your needs, whatever the occasion. Our team guarantees excellent catering with a professional service. We also work together with our event catering partner for very large events.

Restaurant Caravano



Invite your guests to our exhibition. Whether it’s exclusive guided tours, a journey along the greatest routes of all time, or your presentation amid our historical vehicles and the places you’ve always dreamt of visiting – embark on a unique discovery tour of the cultural history and technical traditions of motorhoming. Get to know our museum for your event.

Make the most of the break during your conferences and fairs to travel the greatest routes the world has to offer. Our guided tours, timed to coincide with your event, will rejuvenate the body and mind. Alternatively, organise your own events and activities with our help. Your interests can be incorporated into our guided tours, workshops and rallies, transforming our world of motorhoming into your own unique event.

We look forward to seeing you and your guests!

Your Erwin-Hymer-Museum-Team

Exclusive use of the museum

We are happy to offer you special opening times. At the heart of our exhibition, surrounded by vintage cars and visions of the future, our open auditorium creates a unique atmosphere for your presentation. You’ll feel as though you’re on holiday in the great outdoors! Alternatively, embark on a culinary journey along the greatest routes the world has to offer. Pure enjoyment and interesting facts about the places you’ve always dreamt of visiting in the world and about the cultural history will transform your event into a unique and unforgettable experience.