The Erwin Hymer Foundation’s collection currently comprises approx. 250 vehicles (motorhomes, caravans, camper vans, cars and bicycles) of various ages built by various manufacturers. The oldest exhibit is a historic shepherd’s cart dating from 1850; the youngest is a cutting-edge motorhome prototype. In addition to the many mass-produced vehicles, the collection also contains several home-made creations, which were especially widespread in the GDR. Our extensive archive also includes travel accessories and numerous documents.


  • Ford Taunus 12 M

  • Hartmann FaWoBO64

  • Opel Kadett mit kleinem Strolch

  • Praga Piccolo mit Dethleffs Tourist


Markus Böhm
Deputy Museum Director
Collection management
Phone. +49 7524 976676-21


The Erwin Hymer Foundation is always on the lookout for more unusual exhibits and fascinating stories. If you own an interesting vehicle or accessory, or have photos and video footage that you would like to leave to the museum, please get in touch with us. We’ll be only too happy to check whether it can be added to the museum’s collection, and to advise you of the different cession options.